An image showing Two MyFresh units installed on vanity mirrors over a washroom sink

P-Wave® Steals the Spotlight: MyFresh System Clinches Top Prize at the 2019 Cleaning Show in London

In the buzzing heart of London, where countless products compete for recognition in the hygiene and cleaning industry, a star was born – the MyFresh system by P-Wave®. At the 2019 Cleaning Show, amid a staggering roster of over sixty nominations, MyFresh rose above the rest to secure the coveted Washroom Hygiene Innovation Award.

The journey to victory was no walk in the park. The initial list of nominees was whittled down to just four finalists in each category, each showcasing the latest and greatest innovations in the sector. Yet, it was MyFresh that impressed an independent panel of nine esteemed industry aficionados, securing its spot as the top innovation.

Stan Atkins, the respected Chairman of the British Cleaning Council, shared his insights on this year’s competition: “The Innovation Awards have yet again seen a stellar lineup of contenders. Our decision-making process was anything but simple, given the outstanding calibre of this year's entries. Yet, it was the creative genius, practicality, and innovation of these eight submissions, including MyFresh, that truly stood out for us.”

Don't miss out on the future of washroom hygiene. Embrace innovation, embrace MyFresh!

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