Urinal Screens

Ready for a whiff of wizardry in the world of washrooms?

Picture this: A washroom that could make your nose hairs recoil in fear. Urine-soaked floors? Check. An aroma reminiscent of ancient dungeons? Double check. Now, what if we told you that the game is about to change with just one product? Enter stage right: the P-Wave urinal screen!

These aren’t just any screens; they're the unsung heroes of our air freshening brigade. Crafted with magic (and a bit of science), they boast a fragrance so potent, even the fiercest smelling urinals would blush in shame. But wait, there's more! Splashback? Virtually gone. End-of-life environmental guilt? Nada. These green screens are recyclable and our Slant6 and Trough dash to biodegrade faster than you can say "fresh!" (Ok not quite, but less than 10 years is still a game-changer!).

So, the next time you venture into a washroom, and it smells oddly pleasant and fresh, know that our Scent-sational Screen Stars might be behind the curtain, working their wonders.

Why battle bathroom blues when you can screen them out? Get ready to elevate your urinal game. These screens are not just a need; they're a nostril and trouser necessity!