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OurFresh-e Plug in Air Freshener System

OurFresh-e Plug in Air Freshener System

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The Professional 30-Day Plug-In Air Freshener: Breathe Freshness into Your Larger Spaces

Introducing our Professional 30-Day Plug-In Air Freshener - your solution to keep larger spaces invigoratingly fresh. This plug-in air freshener packs 3-5 times more fragrance than your average supermarket plug-ins, offering superior freshness that spans wider areas.

Convenient and Effective

Our plug-in air freshener is designed with convenience in mind. The rotating plug easily fits any 3-prong outlet, while the adjustable intensity button lets you control the fragrance strength to suit your needs. Plus, no need for screws or tape – installation is as simple as plugging it in!

Enhancing Air Quality for Better Breathing

Equipped with a high-speed fan, our air freshener draws in air through a charcoal filter, effectively purifying it for a superior air quality experience.

An Eco-Friendly Freshness Solution

Our commitment to the environment reflects in our products. The fragrance refills are 100% recyclable and contain the EcoPure* additive for faster biodegradation if they end up in landfill. As the unit doesn't require batteries and has low power consumption, environmental impact is reduced.

*Ecopure™ treated products demonstrate accelerated biodegradation compared to untreated plastics in landfill conditions. The OurFresh-e refill is currently undergoing long term independent testing by the Eden Research Laboratory (ASTM D 5511), and currently shows 68.9% biodegradation in just under five years (1763 days). Final biodegradation results depend on local environmental conditions.

A Spectrum of Premium Fragrances

Choose from a variety of high-quality fragrances, including Cotton Blossom, Spa Minerals, and Summer Sunshine, designed to complement every type of space.

Expandable Freshness for Larger Areas

A single unit effectively freshens up to 50 square metres. Need more coverage? Simply add more units to keep larger areas wonderfully fragrant.

Product Features at a Glance

  • Rotating plug for any 3-prong outlet
  • 100% recyclable dry fragrance refill
  • Features the ground-breaking EcoPure additive for faster biodegradation at landfill (check out our sustainability page for more info)
  • 3-5x more fragrance than standard plug-ins, covering up to 50 sq metres
  • Enhances air quality with a high-speed fan and charcoal filter
  • Available in 3 premium fragrances
  • No aerosols, propellants, or solvents, just pure fragrance
  • Adjustable high or low setting
  • Ideal for use in care homes, offices, bars, or reception/waiting rooms

Step into a world of freshness with our Professional 30-Day Plug-In Air Freshener - the optimal choice for larger spaces.

OurFresh-e fan unit and refills sold separately.

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