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Ultra Big Blue x 12

Ultra Big Blue x 12

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Ultra Big Blue - Your Toilet’s Best Friend!

Meet Ultra Big Blue: The little powerhouse of cleanliness that's revamped its wardrobe to slide into more tanks than ever before!

Better, Bolder, Bluer:

Think of it as the bowl's superhero, arriving every time you flush. With up to 900 adventures in its bag, this marvel offers a spruced-up formula that now works harder. Bigger mess? No stress! With a punchier surfactant concentration, it’s like giving toilet dirt the brush-off.

Tiny but Mighty:

Billions of tiny helpers – our fabulous bacteria – dive in to chomp away the grime, leaving odors in the past and a brilliantly blue future. 

Drop. Flush. Forget:

No drama, no DIY, no Ph.D. in toilet mechanics required. Pop it into your tank, and let Ultra Big Blue handle the dirty work. The enzymes? They're like the cherry on top - making every flush a cleaning party.

The bottom line? Your throne remains royally pristine with Ultra Big Blue by its side. So, fancy giving your toilet the gift of lasting freshness? Flush the old ways, embrace the Ultra Big Blue

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