Partnering with the NHS

We’re working together with NHS England to deliver an important health message and to encourage body awareness. You'll see this messaging on our Slant6 & Trough urinal mats throughout 2024. If you'd like to purchase these urinal screens for your venue, contact us to find your local distributor or click here

You can also help us to support the campaign by downloading our NHS Toolkit on the link below, this includes images & web banners, as well as posters for placing above the urinals.

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Why we are supporting the NHS...

Passing blood in pee – even just once – is a common symptom for bladder, kidney or prostate cancers, which are all amongst the 10 most prevalent cancers in the UK, and generally affect men more than women.

Our urinal mats are already used at tens of thousands of venues across the UK and present a unique, high-impact opportunity to share an awareness message that has the power to save lives. Survey data shows just over half of men in England use a public urinal at least once a week. And the majority of men (71%) said they would be more likely to contact their GP practice if they saw messaging on a urinal mat and were experiencing blood in their pee.

NHS Mango urinal screen

Dave Carson, P-Wave Managing Director said:

“We are proud to be working with NHS England on this first-of-its-kind partnership, which offers a creative yet simple way to convey a potentially life-saving cancer awareness message.

We are delighted that through our P-Wave urinal mats, we can encourage people to check for blood in their pee and to contact their GP practice if they spot it and are excited to share these with our customers and play a part in helping spread this important message.”

NHS Cancer Survivors sitting at a restaurant table

Cancer Survivor Support

The NHS’s initiative is being supported by: David, 70 years old, from Cambridge; Adil, 28 years old from London; and Michael, 67 years old, from Buckinghamshire, who were all diagnosed with cancer after noticing blood in their pee.

Michael said: “When I first noticed blood in my pee in 2013, I didn’t think it could be cancer. But, after a few days my wife urged me to contact my GP practice which led to my bladder cancer diagnosis. If it wasn’t for my wife, I’m not sure when I’d have contacted my doctor – so this new NHS initiative with P-Wave is such an important way to ensure men get the message that if they have blood in their pee, they really need to get it checked out. I’m so grateful that I sought help when I did, and now I work at Fight Bladder Cancer where I’m in a position where I can help highlight this vital sign of cancer to others.”

NHS x P-Wave cancer survivors holding P-Wave mats

Professor Peter Johnson, NHS England National Clinical Director for Cancer said...

“Passing blood in your pee – even just once – shouldn’t be ignored because it could be sign of cancer, so needs to be quickly checked out by a GP."

“Cancer survival is at an all-time high, and we’re seeing more people than ever before diagnosed at an early stage – and this partnership with P-Wave is just one of the many ways we are ensuring people are aware of potential cancer symptoms."

“I want men to be more aware of their bodies – please look for anything else that is unusual for you - and get checked out early, it could save your life.”

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Planned rollout

Initial shipments of the Slant6 screens with the NHS message will be sent out in early December 2023 and we anticipate they will begin to hit urinals a few weeks after with the Trough screens following in early 2024.

The messaging will appear on all six fragrances and will run throughout 2024 for maximum exposure, replacing the current P-Wave branding on our urinal mats. We thank all of our customers in advance for their support in helping to deliver this important message.

The decision to keep a smaller P-Wave logo on the screens is to ensure that customers are assured they are still buying a genuine product.

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Encouraging Body Awareness

For more advice on the blood in urine topic, visit the dedicated NHS page HERE

Thanks to campaigns like this, data shows, more people than ever before are being seen and treated by the NHS for cancer – in the last year the number of people receiving lifesaving checks for cancer hit nearly three million (2.92m) – more than any other year on record.

On behalf of both the NHS England and P-Wave teams, thanks for your support.