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Easy Fresh Fan Air Freshening System

Easy Fresh Fan Air Freshening System

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The Easy Fresh Fan & Cover: Embrace the Green Revolution in Fragrance Dispensing

Say goodbye to aerosols and welcome a sustainable and efficient way to keep your spaces smelling fresh. The Easy Fresh system is a sleek and discreet unit that can be effortlessly installed on a wall or ceiling, offering spill-free fragrance distribution for an eco-conscious environment.

Advanced Design for Consistent Fragrance

Equipped with a unique design not dissimilar to a smoke detector, the Easy Fresh system ensures a constant release of fragrance from the recyclable cover, filling the room for a full 30 days. Powered by a light-activated fan, it's engineered to work harder as the cover nears its end-of-life, ensuring a consistent fragrance delivery.

Intelligent Features for Your Convenience

The Easy Fresh system comes with low battery and cover change warning lights, and an audible beep, keeping you informed and ensuring timely replacements. Packed with fragrance yet low in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), it is compliant with European standards, further affirming our commitment to a healthier environment.

Key Features of the Easy Fresh Fan & Cover

  • Loaded with long-lasting fragrance
  • 100% recyclable
  • Ensures constant fragrance, with no peaks and valleys compared to an aerosol
  • Low in VOCs (Europe compliant)
  • Fan helps to distribute the fragrance around the room, covering up to 16 sq metres
  • Intelligent fan powers down when the lights go off to conserve the battery
  • Versatile fitment – can be placed on a wall or ceiling and at any height

Step into a fresher environment with the Easy Fresh Fan & Cover, where technology meets sustainability. It's not just a product; it's a commitment to better, greener air freshening.

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