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Eco Air Air Freshening System

Eco Air Air Freshening System

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Who says passive can't pack a punch? Enter: Eco Air, the underdog with an over-the-top fragrance game!

Shhh... listen. No hissing aerosols, no splish-splash spills. Just pure, powerful, and positively pleasant dry fragrance aromas that command attention. Eco Air is simplicity at its scented best – a 100% recyclable tag-team champ that's ready to freshen up your space, whether flying solo or nestled inside our Eco Air cabinets. 

Location tip? Near doors or spaces blessed with bountiful breezes. Thanks to its open-air design, Eco Air maximizes exposure to let those fragrances flow freely and efficiently through it. And, hold onto your nostrils, folks, because we've got a zinger! If you've already committed to another dispenser brand, fear not! Our refills are like the universal remote controls of the fragrance world – adaptable and ready to fit a medley of manufacturers units (contact us for more information).

At P-Wave®, our love for Mother Earth is no secret. Because, well, there's no Plan(et) B! Every Eco Air refill is a testament to this commitment. Once its 30-day+ fragrant fiesta ends, just pop it into your plastic recycle bin. Freshness, with a sprinkle of sustainability!

Jump aboard the Eco Air express. Where passive meets powerful and the planet is always in the passenger seat!

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