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Why Choose P-Wave?

Teaming up with our US manufacturing partner, we craft some of the UK's most aromatic EVA air fresheners. Beyond just fragrance, we champion an eco-friendly ethos: recyclable, aerosol-free, low VOC, and a leader of green innovation within our segment. With P-Wave, the future always smells bright!

Here's a few examples of companies that use our products...

  • M&S
  • Network Rail
  • Selfridge's
  • Manchester Airport
  • O2 Arena
  • Ritz London
  • The Shard
  • Recyclable Icon

    All P-Wave air freshener refills are fully recyclable.

  • biodegradable icon

    We've incorporated the EcoPure additive into the production of our Slant6 and Trough urinal screens, which are typically more difficult to recycle. So far, we've seen an impressive 68.9% biodegradation in less than five years under landfill conditions.

  • 15% Recycled content Icon

    Our products incorporate at least 15% recycled material, and we aim to significantly increase this percentage in the upcoming years.