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MyFresh Fan Air Freshener system

MyFresh Fan Air Freshener system

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P-Wave MyFresh: Your Personal Aromatherapy Haven

Introducing P-Wave MyFresh, our award-winning innovation from the 2019 Cleaning Show. Engineered for precision, it revolutionizes air freshening in small, personal spaces with unmatched efficiency and cleanliness. Say goodbye to fragrance overload and aerosol residues; say hello to an immersive, pleasing ambience, tailored just for you.

Targeted Freshening with Superior Efficiency

MyFresh offers discreet fragrance targeting, freshening your surroundings when and where it's needed the most. Ideal for toilet cubicles, vanity mirrors, lifts, gyms, spas, or even a desk in an office, it provides a better user experience than aerosol alternatives.

Motion Activated Fragrance Burst

Our upgraded 2.0 FreshFan technology ensures just the right amount of our proprietary dry fragrance is released whenever motion is detected. With MyFresh, you're not just getting an air freshener; you're getting a high-velocity fan that actively dispenses refreshing aromas throughout your personal space.

User-Friendly Design with Advanced Features

The lockable unit comes with a key for additional security. Its handy LCD screen alerts you when it's time to replace the refill and battery. Plus, you can adjust the fan's frequency settings between "Hi" and "Lo" to suit your preference.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

MyFresh is not just about refreshing scents; it's about conscious consumption. The 100% recyclable, dry fragrance refill promises a cleaner experience with no wet residue. Charcoal filters purify the incoming air for a fresher experience, and the unit operates on a single AA battery, which is included with each refill.

Features at a Glance

  • All new sleek 2.0 MyFresh unit with upgraded fan
  • 100% Recyclable Dry Fragrance refill = Cleaner with no wet residue
  • Motion-activated freshness
  • Charcoal filters for purified air
  • High-velocity FreshFan technology for optimal fragrance distribution
  • Lockable unit for safety and control
  • LCD screen for timely refill and battery replacement
  • Adjustable frequency settings
  • Compact size (76mm x 76mm) for personal spaces
  • Single AA battery operation (included with each refill)

With P-Wave MyFresh, air freshening just became more personal, more efficient, and more enjoyable. Experience the revolution today!

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