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WCBasix unbranded urinal screen Pack of 16

WCBasix unbranded urinal screen Pack of 16

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Introducing the WCBasix Urinal Screen – A cost-effective solution engineered by the creators of the renowned P-Wave range.

Designed with the budget-conscious in mind, the WCBasix Urinal Screen delivers a powerful fragrance that outmatches other budget offerings in the market. With a fragrance potency that rivals 50% of a standard P-Wave screen and doubles that of a regular budget screen, you'll get high value for a low price point.

Experience the benefits of dual-sided anti-splash bristles that work effectively to reduce urinal splashback, providing a cleaner and more hygienic restroom environment. With a robust 30-day life span, these urinal screens also promote long-term efficiency, making them a smart choice for contract cleaners and facility management companies.

Choose from two invigorating fragrances – Fresh Linen and Mango Mist, each designed to freshen up your restroom spaces with a lasting aroma.

All WCBasix Urinal Screens are 100% recyclable and each pack contains 16 screens enclosed in a resealable bag, a design decision aimed to reduce single-use plastic and further our green initiative.

Does it match up to a P-Wave Slant6 screen? Admittedly, no. However, for its price point, the WCBasix outperforms competing budget brands, offering you exceptional value for money. Get consistent supply, trust, and quality from a company known for its fragrance expertise and dedication to urinal screen technology.

For an economical, eco-friendly, and effective solution, choose the WCBasix Urinal Screen – budget-friendly, performance-driven.

  • Powerful fragrance for the price point (around 50% of a normal P-Wave screen and double that of a standard budget screen)
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Available in Two fragrances – Fresh Linen and Mango Mist
  • Designed to Reduce Urinal Splash Back
  • Anti-splash bristles on both sides of the screen
  • Lasts for up to 30 days
  • Brought to you by the trusted people behind the market leading P-Wave range
  • Packed in a resealable bag of 16 screens per box (reduces single use plastic) – ideal for contract cleaners and FM providers
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